Version 0.76 released!


  • Fixed a frequent crash related to drawing the datapad graphics
  • Fixed Archvile z-scope limit feature: player cannot be targeted when considerably above or below Z position of archvile
  • Fixed bug where Archvile’s P_RadiusAttack was not doing any damage
  • Fixed weapons carrying over between New Game restarts
  • Fixed some preferences that were not being loaded from marshmallow.cfg
  • Death messages are now working again
  • Berserk/strength powerup now applies to single-key melee attack
  • Moving barrels no longer requires pressing the use key
  • Fixed bug where progressive weapons were not being given after a completed episode
  • Fixed bug where bots were adding to the player’s ShotsFired and ShotsHit stats, causing player’s accuracy rating to exceed 100%


  • In E5M8, boss monsters from previous episodes no longer trigger end of game
  • Dynamic music mode can be used while playing Sigil, however Sigil’s built-in music requires Vanilla music mode
  • Sigil’s finale text screen now shows the proper tiled background graphic


  • Sandbox battles can no longer be started when only barrels have been placed
  • Cached sandboxes now properly store the original actor angle


  • New variable blood/gore settings: Doom, Ludicrous, Groovy, and BRUTAL
  • Particle-based boss explosions can now be enabled/disabled in marshmallow.cfg
  • Barrels now emit smoke; this can be toggled in marshmallow.cfg by changing barrel_fx to zero
  • Particles emitted from boss explosions no longer inflict damage


  • New bot command menu: hold use to open/close menu
  • New bot status widget shows every bot’s current state/behavior on the HUD
  • New bot speed selection option (Fast, Moderate, Careful)
  • Improved bot free roam behavior
  • Bots ignore any detected path nodes that are out of reach


  • Major overhaul of enemy bot AI; bots are now much more human-like and better at navigating the map
  • In Doom 2, story text screens are now skipped while playing deathmatch
  • Deathmatch frags are now tracked by the player profile and shown on the profile screen while playing deathmatch
  • Bot self-kills are no longer counted as frags
  • Bots will use chainsaw when at point blank range from target
  • Dropped items/weapons are automatically despawned after 15 seconds
  • New command line parameters -timelimit and -fraglimit

Network Games

  • Netgame stability/playability has been drastically improved
  • Game settings are now handed down to each client from the server; now, the only command line parameters clients need to type is to specify IWAD (TIP: use -d1, -d2, -sigil, -tnt, -plut for IWAD selection)
  • Network game preferences (such as FriendlyFire or gibmode) are now retrieved from a customizable server.cfg file
  • Monster upgrades now work in netgame
  • Random items now work in netgame
  • Treasure now gives identical results to all players in netgame
  • Barrel pushing now works in netgame 
  • Fixed player chat messages in multiplayer
  • Fixed numerous sandbox mode problems in network games
  • When inventory is dropped in backpack, a separate weapon is no longer dropped
  • Fixed the “gift” backpack in coop
  • Fixed the inventory backpack in coop; when inventory is dropped in a backpack, only its dropper can pick it up
  • Disabled datapad and keyboard help screen in netgame as this was causing crashes
  • Sigil netgame now automatically warps to episode 5 if no -warp parameter is specified

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