Version 0.74 released!

Latest changes/fixes:

  • New “enhanced physics” modes increase thrust applied when damaging actors/objects
  • New darkened lighting modes Vintage CRT and Doom 3 take you back to darker days
  • A new flashlight (press ‘L’) only available when using darkened lighting modes
  • You can now type NORESPAWN to toggle monster respawning when using Nightmare skill
  • Monster goodie drops now expanded with more randomized bonus items
  • There can now be more than one dropped backpack containing player’s inventory
  • Pickup messages for medkits are now controlled by the global PickupMessages flag
  • The dropped ammo backpack in deathmatch now displays the message “You Found Some Ammo!” when picked up
  • Removed Exit Sandbox Mode menu option as the New Game menu replaces any need for this
  • Fixed bug where restarting the map would not use the currently selected skill level
  • Fixed bug where random items mode in deathmatch would spawn treasure instead
  • Fixed bug where the Demonsphere health bonus was allowing health to increase above 200%
  • Added command line options for random item pickup modes: -ri and -rie
  • Now includes a setup program which writes a .cfg file of the correct name

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