Version 0.78c released!

Download here!

  • More up-to-date marshmallow-setup.exe now included  (NOTE: the game now reads/writes configuration to crispy-doom.cfg instead of chocolate-doom.cfg)

  • Fixed bug where skull keys that are accidentally marked as “deaf” will spawn as treasure (thanks to Doomworld user Magicsofa!)

  • Fixed bug where KeepWeapons and KeepKeys would re-enable themselves at game start, regardless of saved preferences

  • Fixed Sigil music availability in Vanilla music mode

  • Fixed bug where second Baron in E1M8 would trigger boss song a second time

  • Fixed bug where cursor in bot menu would end up on empty lines

  • BarrelPushing option now applies to bots

  • PKE widget is now disabled during deathmatch games